Sunset Bouldering at Baines Crag

A clear blue sky over Lancaster and its surrounding moorland was ideal for a return trip to an old favourite bouldering spot. It’s a quiet place that you’re likely to have all to yourself – a small, quarried gritstone outcrop with some fine problems and solos to be found amongst its broken buttresses.

The new van in its element.

Flip flops were falling off on the short walk to the crag and bare feet felt much better. Stepping onto the dry bracken, I could feel each crackle as my feet snapped its brittle stems.

Baines Crag

Cruising around on rough gritstone that sparkled in the sunlight, the friction was superb in the cold, crisp air. After removing the climbing shoes for some barefoot bouldering, I played with the camera before returning to the warmth of the van heater…

A short detour on the way back into town took me to Jubilee Tower for the last of a gorgeous sunset…

Sunset over Morecambe Bay from Jubilee Tower

It’s good to be back in this beautiful place.

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Hillwalking and Bouldering on Clougha Pike

Col and I enjoyed a fine walk up Clougha Pike with great weather, gorgeous views and some great gritstone bouldering:

Lone boulder on Clougha Pike.


Barefoot bouldering.

Quiet little crag tucked away out of sight.

Gorgeous sunset.

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Night time barefoot running on the streets.

The moon was shining, the sky was clear and running seemed the natural thing to do. I had been wondering what barefoot running around the streets would be like after dark. It was wonderful! So long as I ran through areas with street lights, it was easy to read the pavement and road surfaces for objects, holes and muck. The constant focus on the ground about a body length ahead made for a deeply meditative experience where I was completely in the moment of every stride and breath.

The words ‘soft, smooth, relaxed, flow’ went around with my breathing and rhythm, serving as a declaration of how I wanted the run to feel before filtering through my subconscious and out into the way my body ran. I picked this idea up from Christopher McDougall’s book ‘Born to Run’ and it really seems to work. When my achilles tendons began to feel tight I focused on them and switched the words to ‘soft, stretchy, bouncy, springs’. Not only did my achilles feel better, my body changed it’s running style to suit them and I found myself powering up the hill at double the speed!

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