Feedback from Teaching Indoor Climbing to Children

Here are my favourite 10 comments from the children I taught on a summer program at the Lancaster University Climbing Wall. At the end of each course of five sessions, I asked them what they enjoyed and what they learned. In no particular order…

  1. I learned how to climb safely.
  2. I enjoyed getting better at climbing.
  3. I learned it is important to pay attention.
  4. I enjoyed exploring something new.
  5. I learned not to give up.
  6. I enjoyed achieving my goals.
  7. I learned things can be easier than you think.
  8. I enjoyed being encouraged.
  9. I learned to use my eyes and look.
  10. I enjoyed doing something different.
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A body of research on the benefits of nature for children.

This annotated bibliography updates research compiled in volumes one through four of the Children & Nature Network (C&NN) research resources, with an emphasis on research published in 2009-2011 in two primary areas: 1) benefits to children from contact with nature; and 2) children’s experience of nature.

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Indoor Climbing with Bromley Youth Service

We spent a week teaching some young people from Bromley to climb indoors at The Reach climbing wall in Woolwich. They all enjoyed climbing games as well as learning all the key skills they needed to pass their NICAS Level 1.

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