Climb Easy To Learn Well.

Today I was teaching an indoor beginner’s class who had learned the basics and were back to consolidate their skills before going it alone. Normally I exercise a good deal of control over route choice, encouraging beginners to climb something that will leave them the space to learn good climbing technique. For some reason, I don’t know why, I gave them complete freedom to choose their routes today. As so often happens, the lure of progression into bigger numbers and steeper climbs attracted everybody away from easier moves. Instead of repeating the basics many times, building an awareness of their centre, focusing on footwork, using legs for upward movement, arms for position, hands for balance and getting to know their range of movement, the group spent a lot of time pulling hard, getting tired, hanging on the rope, performing fewer moves and learning less. The experience has definitely ingrained my belief that climbing easy is a great way to learn the basics of good technique and movement. Get the basics right and then apply strength, power and determination to hard climbs with good technique.

Here is a great video of Jonathon Siegrist using a wide range of techniques with clinical precision. Whilst most of us can only dream of climbing this hard, we all have the ability to to widen our range of techniques and learn to move with precise efficiency that will, inevitably, help us to climb harder in the long run…

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