Getting stronger…

Day 6 of my training plan was a rest day after dancing until sunrise on day 5 and loosening up the tight muscles around my left shoulder blade. Now on day 7, I am back in the climbing wall and the gym. I still felt a little tired after the big night out but I had no aches and pains and my muscles felt strong throughout the training session. I even climbed a V6 second go. “It’s probably V5.” I said. “I think you’re getting stronger.” said the route setter.

The whole session went as follows:

Movement based warm up

8 problems from V0-V4

16 attempts on a V7

V6 in 2 attempts (felt easy)

2 x 4 breath mono pocket dead hangs on each finger

2 x max offset chinups with lock off on 1st knuckle crimps

2 x max handstand pushups

2 x 8 breath back bends

2 x max clean and press with 30kg

2 x max offset press ups

2 x max chinups with knees tucked and torso horizontal

2 x max dips

2 x max leg raises to bar

2 x max windscreen wiper core exercise

Stretching to warm down

After my earlier post about keeping stillness inside when moving and remaining soft when being strong. It really helped on linking some of the moves on the V7 and quickly finishing the V6. At first, the V7 moves were so hard for me that I was straining and trying too hard to be strong. Then I remembered my plan to focus on breathing and flow. That was when I started linking a few moves together and reaching my high point. The extra fluidity made it easier to use momentum to carry me further than static strength or explosive power were getting me before. Looking forward to finding out how I will feel tomorrow…

I’m getting bored of writing exactly what I eat everyday, basically, it involves meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, salad, fruit and nothing else. No starch, no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy and I am feeling pretty good!

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