Le Toit du Cul de Chien – Day 1

Been feeling pretty tired after a 15 hour journey back to Lancaster and one full rest day but there was enough in the tank to do some training and I was really motivated to get on with it…

Lots of movement to warm up fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, back, waist and hips first of all.

Then 8 overhanging boulder problems from V2 to V4 before completing a steep V6 (I think it was V5 really!) with dynamic moves between slopers and one small crimp in 6 attempts.

Then on to specific exercises:

2 x max off-set pull ups on each side with a brief lock off at the end (felt hard)

2 x 4 breath mono pocket hangs on each finger with foothold assistance

2 x max handstand push ups (only going about half way down)

2 x 8 breath back bends

2 x max dips

2 x max hanging leg raises (ankles to bar)

2 x max hanging windscreen wipers

Finished with a good stretch of forearms, shoulders, chest and back.

Felt good to train but wished I’d waited until after dark and enjoyed the sunshine outdoors. Note to self!

Breakfast: eggs, sausages, bacon & tomatoes

Post training: tin of sardines

Snack: chicken salad

Lunch: beef salad

Dinner: lamb, chickpea and spinach curry

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