Loosen tight climbing muscles by dancing all night…

So day 5 of my preparation for returning to Fontainebleau was going to be another rest day. The muscles around my left shoulder blade were tight all the way into my neck and causing a little discomfort. I stretched them as well as I could and reached around with my right hand to massage them as best I could too. I was thinking of a sports massage for the following day before I remembered that Tracy is recovering from a wrist injury. Then I received a call inviting me to come to a Derek Carter gig where he would be playing disco house until 4am the next morning. Something in me thought this a good idea. It was. A fine time dancing until sunrise aside, the 6 hours of loose, relaxed and varied movement completely sorted out my back, shoulder and neck. I needed another rest day on day 6 but that was probably no bad thing after 3 days of consecutive training on days 1 to 3. An unconventional approach to training but effective and fun too!


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