Slacklining is brilliant for your balance, great for your core and it’s a lot of fun. You know that look of delight on a baby’s face when they stand up for the first time? It’s like putting yourself back in that wonderful learning environment where it’s all about enjoyment, everything feels natural and success is truly satisfying.

The process of learning to stand and walk on a slackline is also very meditative. It’s an excellent tool to develop your concentration, remove your thoughts from your head and focus on the messages you are receiving from your body as you learn to become more relaxed on the line. The more calm and still you are inside, the more the line will stay still for you…

Dates: Call or email to book the dates that suit you.

Locations: In a forest or park near you.

Equipment: We provide the slackline and show you how to set it up.

Experience: From complete to beginner to those who would like help with standing, walking and turning.

Group Size:














photo: Tim Riley
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