• Annie on her navigation course.“Mountain magic will get you back in touch with your earth, your body and your soul. It was wondrous. Paul is a fantastic, patient, experienced and companiable teacher. I feel confident to navigate in the dark, in poor visibility, avoiding pitfalls, waterfalls and bogs, which I was not able to do before hand! Also, the places Paul took me to were absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, and the scrambles were challenging and exhilarating. If you get the chance… go and experience mountain magic for yourself!” – Annie
    • Pip on his rock climbing course.“I liked the climbing, Glass Slipper and the harder routes especially. The bouldering was great and Paul and Pete were interesting, capable and great company! My best moment was standing in silence at the summit of the mountain. I learned how to climb cracks and use all the parts of my body, especially my eyes. Climbing outdoors is sick!” – Pip
    • Henry on his rock climbing course.It was really good being able to get clear, concise and to-the-point advice. After having done one day of trad climbing in the past, I now feel totally confident on easy routes and I can start building on my grade without an instructor. Dave and Paul were both really cool, funny and great, safe instructors!” – Henry
    • Harry on his rock climbing course.“Dave was really friendly with lots of helpful advice and I learned a lot of useful things, like how to place gear and build belay anchors. I especially liked the climbing and I learned new footwork techniques, like hovering to improve my balance and body position.” – Harry
    • Dom on his rock climbing course.“Paul and Dave were super nice guys instructing us. I learned how to place bomber trad protection, set up a belay anchor and belay with double ropes. Next I’d like to start pushing my grade on trad and do my Single Pitch Award and Mountain Leader Award.” – Dom
    • Shalini & Kabir on their rock climbing course.“Thanks Paul for the fantastic weekend!” – Shalini & Kabir
    • “Doug and I are pretty much all settled back into our regular routine and happy with all our great memories of the trip. I realized that the trip was the most completely removed from my normal life I have ever felt, which was fantastic! And I really do hope that, in addition to pictures and memories, we gained a new friend whom we’ll see and climb with again.” – Debbie
    • Kersey on his rock climbing course.“Thanks again for a great trip.  Emily and I had a whole
      bunch of fun and learned a lot from you. Thanks for being
      such a patient teacher.” – Kersey
    • Adam on his rock climbing and mountaineering course.“Thanks a million for a cracking weekend. It was everything I was looking for in equal measures, excitement, adventure, learning and fear! I wont forget the trip for a long time. I would also like to say a big thank you for making me feel in safe hands even in my hours of need. I will definitely be calling you in the future for another training course.” – Adam
    • Owen on his rock climbing and mountaineering course.“Yes, I second all of that from Adam. I really feel as though we fully made use of every second and my body is aching today as a result! I definitely want to do another weekend doing exactly the same thing (long, easy mountain routes) in the Lakes or North Wales.” – Owen
    • Heather on her rock climbing course.“First off, thanks for a great weekend. I still can’t quite believe it happened. I climbed without a top rope up a great big slab of rock by the sea, amazing. I felt totally safe at all times. I can’t quite get used to how different it is climbing outside, but much, much better. Also, the pace of your instruction was just right. I remembered all the information you’d told us over the weekend easily without feeling stressed at all and was completely exhilarated by the climb. The location was awesome, and even the walk to the climbs each day was a learning experience. The whole weekend was well organised and once we were in your car on Friday evening, I didn’t really think about anything much other than climbing and eating. Thanks again, even a few weeks ago I didn’t think I would be lead climbing outdoors. Still stunned.” – Heather
    • Agnieszka on her rock climbing course.“First of all – thanks for the great weekend – still got butterflies in my tummy – but beginning to calm down. Heather put it just right and I think the course was just what we needed – it opened more opportunities to us and yet wasn’t too much or too difficult.” – Agnieszka
    • Maja before her indoor rock climbing course.“I have a fear of heights and a serious back injury, so I was sure I was the worst possible candidate for climbing. Yet, with Paul’s patient help and expertise I did 7 climbs, learned how to belay, and my fear was nearly gone at the end of our session. I could not recommend Paul as an instructor enough! From someone who would swear she’d never climb, I now plan to do it regularly! Amazing experience – thank you!” – Maja
    • Matthias on his rock climbing course.“Hi Paul – just wanted to say massive thanks again for the climbing course last weekend. I’m still dreaming in anchors and hex placements. It was absolutely what I was looking for and I really enjoyed the good company and the beautiful setting in Sennen Cove! ” – Matthias
    • Paula on her rock climbing course.“Hi Paul. Thanks again for the weekend, you were brilliant and I can’t wait to do some more trad climbing.” – Paula
    • Kate on her rock climbing course.“I want to say a massive THANK YOU for the Trad Leading Course you instructed us on last week. It was a week of excitement, thrills and plenty of learning! I had an amazing time including being pushed in my ability and confidence and reaching the top of some of the most exhilarating routes I’ve ever climbed! It was ace! :)” – Kate
    • Zilla on her rock climbing course.“Thanks Paul, I had such an awesome time and can’t believe we managed both the Peak District and Pembroke in 5 days!! It’s definitely improved my climbing confidence, just need to put it all into practise now!!” – Zilla
    • Karen on her rock climbing course.“Paul was a superb instructor. His instruction was clear, concise, perfectly timed and paced. I learnt sooooo much. I was a better climber on Sunday than I was on Friday!! I gained confidence and improved technique. All thanks to Paul. I had a superb weekend. Climb On!” – Karen
    • Robin on his rock climbing course.“A great introduction to multi-pitch climbing. Professional and fun. Thanks for the experience!” – Robin
    • Rik on his rock climbing course.“Thanks again for the help and advice this weekend. It was very worthwhile.” – Rik
    • Laura and Sarah on their navigation course.“We wanted to thank you too! We had an amazing time and have been out practising lots since, with much success I might add! We went up round Loch Loomond way to do Beinn Narnain, one of the Munroes. It was awesome, so thank you! xx” – Laura & Sarah
    • Dagmar on her rock climbing course.“Paul planned the trip flexibly around our needs and abilities and I enjoyed every single moment of it – on and off the wall. It helped me a lot, not only to get a grasp of the basics of safely climbing outdoors but also to improve my technique and my skills quite a bit. I booked a private session straight afterwards to improve my skills further and to work on overcoming my fear of falling!” – Dagmar
    • Thomas on his rock climbing course.“We had an awesome weekend with Mountain Magic in Portland. Paul did a great job in both organizing the trip beforehand and showing us the best places to climb in the area while we were there. Although we only had two days of climbing we did a vast variety of routes and had great fun with the extremely helpful and experienced guide throughout the weekend. Once we are back outside to endeavour on our first multi-pit or trad routes, we will definitely book a trip with him again!” – Thomas
    • Huw on his rock climbing course.“Paul arranged for a weekend of climbing in Snowdonia, during which time he expertly and safely guided us up 10 pitches of increasing difficulty. Paul gave very thorough instruction, was patient with us and unceasingly vigilant when it came to safety. All in all it was a very rewarding and thrilling couple of days. I recommend Paul to anyone looking to learn the basics of outdoor traditional climbing, a pursuit I would encourage everyone to have a go at.” – Huw
    • Tom on his rock climbing course.“This has been the best day of my life!” – Tom
    • Jodie on her navigation and winter skills course.“It was pretty special wasn’t it! It was exactly what we were looking for and more. Massive thanks to both you and Tej – can’t wait to get back out there and practice everything I’ve learnt now. Perhaps I will start by pacing my walk to work tomorrow as I am still silently counting steps in my head! :-)” – Jodie
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