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Four and a half months have passed since I last wrote in this blog. Work, injury, friends, family, festivals, parties, illness and learning have all played a big part during that time. I would like to write more often and I have learned that to write regularly, I need a broader scope than before. I have also learned that the biggest reasons why I want to work with Mountain Magic are love, peace, nature, adventure, freedom, growth, health and happiness. They should provide a rather wide scope! No excuses there then.

I would love to catch up on the past 4.5 months but I am also learning, again and again, that I can’t do everything all at once. Growth has found its way into my top eight values for Mountain Magic and learning is right at its heart. Learning should feature quite regularly in this blog and I hope it does just that. Exploring new ideas and new territory are also fundamental to growth and I am wondering about the different perspectives from which I could be writing this blog. Mountaineering instructor is just one of them.

There are so many aspects and faces out there and I would rather explore them all. The past few months have reminded me that there is so much more to life than climbing and that being the director of Mountain Magic is so much more than a mountaineering instructor or climbing coach. Being a climber is wonderful and working with it is a joy. Directing Mountain Magic is a challenge that makes me feel like a complete beginner time and time again. Battery is running low and it’s time to go. Until tomorrow…