Ian Stewart

A full time Mountaineering Instructor holding the Mountain Instructor Certificate, I am qualified to instruct all aspects of climbing and mountaineering in summer and winter, as well as act as a technical advisor. I also work for Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre.

Based in Aviemore I spend every available day in the winter skiing and climbing all across Scotland, from the accessible northern corries of Cairngorm on the doorstep to remote mountains in the wild North West Highlands, where the feelings of self reliance and adventure add so much more to a days climbing.

In the summer I have climbed all over the UK, growing up on Yorkshire Grit but then moving to North Wales before leaving the crowds to come to Scotland. My climbing has also taken me across the world: ice climbing in Norway, sport climbing in Spain, France and Australia, alpine climbing and ski mountaineering in France and Switzerland.

Regardless of the location, it is the sense of freedom and adventure that makes getting out into the mountains such a rewarding way of life.