Rock climbing courses in Pembrokeshire


South Pembrokeshire has an incredible coastline for you to explore. With heaps of five star routes stacked high along miles of inspiring limestone cliffs, this place just oozes rock climbing quality. You arrive in time for last orders at the St. Govan’s Inn, wake up with the sun on a friendly campsite and abseil or scramble into a world where you can enjoy sunlight dancing on the water and dance up warm rock all day long. Walking along the narrow ridge of Saddle Head and scrambling down its west flank, you reach a comfortable ledge above well above the sea, packed with fantastic easy routes with huge hand holds on solid rock.

As you gain confidence in the sea cliff environment, you can progress to long abseils that will bring you to the bottom of tidal cliffs, where you can hang out directly above the sea and get engrossed in an engaging adventure back to the top. One climb, called Preposterous Tales, even takes you deep into the heart of a large sea cave and out of its blowhole as you re-emerge in the middle of the headland, where you can finish in time for tea and cakes at Ma Weston’s or stay out to climb into the sunset. After a fine meal in the inn, a walk through the peaceful lily ponds will take you to Broad Haven beach, where you can sleep in moonlit dunes on a clear night, or you can continue along the cliff tops to sleep in Barafundle Bay and catch a gorgeous sunrise before another great day of climbing…